I’ve got my hair teased like a B52.
I am a potato publisher.
Ida know about potatoes.
Pink plumb potatoes.

I used to publish penguins.
Penguins can be difficult.
Penguins pounce.
I used to photograph potatoes.
Potatoes in veils.
Potatoes in bibs.
Potatoes in gowns.
Graduation potatoes.
Potatoes on the cat walk.
Sweet Sixteen potatoes.
I’ve got my hair teased like a B52.
I am wearing purple passion pants.
I am practicing my percussion.

Ida know.
I used to play the piano.
I am pointing at you.
You You You!!!
You beautiful potato you!
You are going to be big potato.
I can see it now.
Don’t forgot your cashmere sweater.
Where is the coca-cola?
Here is a straw.
Now smile.

Ida Know
I used to play hot potato.
Miss Mary Black.
Dressed in black, black.
Jumped so high she kissed a potato pie.
I used to paint potatoes.
Potatoes in silhouette.
Pixels of potatoes.
Potatoes in black and white.
I prefer sepia potatoes.

Pass the potato please.
Reject that potato please.
Give that potato a raise.

Where is my Pulitzer?
Where is my Pushcart?
Where is my Best American potato?
Hey stop that penguin!!
He has taken my cashmere sweated potato.
Poor poor potato.

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