Reaching For The Stars

August 12, 2016

Dear John,

I’m leaving you for Keanu Reeves.

Sure he lives in another State and is a movie star and you are someone I have met in person and have a million and one things in common with.

Sure Keanu tends to wait by bus stops for a bus which never seems to arrive and you live in town and have a car.

Keanu seems to to be someone I could share a Cuban sandwich with while we wait for the bus. We could talk about Quantum Physics, poetry, art, the next great American novel, and baseball.

Sure he has had tragedy, despair, and love lost just like any other Joe.

I think he would appreciate my company and homemade flan along with a demitasse of espresso while we tatty tattle about politics and the current State of Affairs.

He would get to know and understand me realizing that I am in fact a nice, smart and funny girl. I could amuse him with my antics and maybe make him laugh now and then between the sorrow.

Sure Keanu is not my Facebook friend and not on any other social media and is not listed in the phone book and I don’t know where he lives, or have his email and is probably somewhere in China filming another failed movie but so what! He is just as unattainable as you are so I might as well reach for the stars.


Audio Read by Grace Cavalieri

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