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Jul 07, 2017

What I like about Didi Menendez’s poetry is that she sees honesty and vulnerability as essential to the palette. Forget showboating, Forget verbal tricks; she uses language as an arrow that never misses the heart and brings with it personal history, longings, dreams, wishes, and fabulous attitude. The only thing better than a person who knows who she, is that person turning it into art. She works 26 hours a day creating, producing, and presenting. This is what I call Holy Work. Making things that did not exist before. -Grace CavalieriDidi Menendez was born in Cuba and now lives in Illinois. She’s a curator of 21st century visual art, hosting annual exhibitions throughout the country. She has a publishing house for poetry books (GOSS183) and is the Editor/Publisher of several periodicals featuring either Art or Poetry and many times both: i.e., Poets&Artists, MiPOeseia, Ocho. She’s a painter, as well as a presenter, working in oils, acrylics, and electronic methods.

She says her favorite poets are Grace Cavalieri, Bob Hicok, Nin Andrews, Ron Androla, John Korn, Matthew Hittinger, David Lehman, and Denise Duhamel. – Grace Cavalieri

Source: Didi Menendez Featured Poet | danmurano.com

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