Red, White, and Blue

And the day started
with a red cardinal
perched upon
my chain link fence.

It seemed to scratch itself
behind an ear like a puppy
wondering what
it was doing there
and then took flight.

And the day proceeded
with a lost dog.
I went searching
on my bike for a white
mixed breed calling out her
her name. I stopped to ask
strangers if they had seen her.

And the day proceeded searching for god.
And when I finally found her, I thanked dog.

And then the day proceeded
with a lifeless America
drooping down a pole
and as I passed by it,
I waved.

I wave to everyone.
And sometimes
my country
tis of thee,
waves back.

And as the day proceeded
the bluest of skies
covered us in the park
as you arrived
with your rescued dogs
wagging their tails.

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